Need solid color content area for pages



  • Marty Thornley

    So basically all content areas for pages should be white?

    Try adding this under "BlogSite Options->Style Options->Custom CSS" #page { background: #ffffff; }

    That will probably change the blog area as well, so to keep that blog the same, add: #page { background#8C8C8C}

  • Lauryn Hornung

    Thank you Marty, that's exactly what I wanted!

    One more quck question on something I recently noticed:

    If I set my blog page to show only one post at a time, then my archives and category pages only show one blog summary at a time. Is there a way to have my blog page only show one full post, but the archives and categories show multiple blog summaries?


    I hope that makes sense.


    Thanks again!


  • Marty Thornley

    Hey Lauryn,

    Unfortunately, all those pages use the same setting. WordPress uses a recurring "loop" of information that gets modified on each page. So the main blog, the archives, the category are all the same thing, just filtered by what category should be viewed.

    Of course with a custom site, you can do whatever you want on any given page and also modify the number of posts, but the user options apply to all those views.

  • jason2482

    Why is the color picker broken when trying to choose a background color?

  • Marty Thornley

    Hi Jason,

    This is a temporary bug. If you are still seeing it, submit a support ticket if you like so we can update you when it is fixed.

  • Marty Thornley

    For anyone wondering about the color picker bug it was fixed! :)

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