Any work arounds on Smugmug customization?


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  • Marty Thornley

    Just connecting to SmugMug allows you to pull in galleries and talk to your SmugMug account. But you have to actually turn on the sync to send the style information over. If you want to keep the SmugMug look that you already have, just don't activate the sync setting and you should be fine.

    In either case ( and even if you never use a site like ours that works with the style settings )... It would be a VERY good idea to manually create a backup of those smugmug settings as a safety precaution.

    They are all added as text areas, so you could just create a text file and copy and paste them all into it, keeping track of what goes where.

    SmugMug also offers a button at the bottom of that page to email yourself a copy of the settings. 

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