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  • Marty Thornley

    This could all be done with some Custom CSS.

    Try adding the foloowing under "BlogSite Options->Style Options->Custom CSS"

    #topMenu ul { margin0 auto; float: none; width: 656px; }

    #social-wrapper { display: none; }

    Note, the width on the menu area will have to be adjusted any time menu items are added or removed in order to stay centered.

    Love the site! I think these were some nice ideas to finish it off. :)

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  • mckenziesmith

    I think I am trying to do the same thing here: 


    I would like to center the menu items on the ribbon menu. I know they need to be an exact width and that if I add/delete an item, it will change the width, but I do not know how to find out the exact width. Also, I tried to add your CSS suggestions, but did not work - probably because I need to alter the existing CSS or delete some so it doesn't interfere with your suggestion? 

    In the future, if I add/delete a menu item and need to change the CSS again, how can I figure out what width/s it needs to be? 

    Thank you!


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  • Marty Thornley

    Hi Mackenzie,

    We can provide the initial width but after that you kind of just have to guess until it looks right. 

    The other thing is that with cappuccino, there are two menus, the social one on the right will prevent things from looking centered unless you hide it like the example above.

    There was some CSS interfering in your case because of the snapshot. So I just added the following to your Custom CSS to get you going.

    /* Custom Menu Width and Centering */
    #topMenu ul.sf-menu{ margin: 8px auto; width: 356px; float: none; }
    #topMenu ul#social-wrapper.sf-menu { display: none; }

    /***** This has been commented out in case you want the social menu back
    #topMenu ul#social-wrapper.sf-menu{ margin: 8px 20px 0 0; }

    /* End Menu Centering */


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