How do I remove the first default comment and photo on the blog?



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    Marty Thornley

    Hi Rod,

    You can edit and moderate comments by themselves by looking in the menu under "comments". You should be able to makrk them as spam, approve and unapprove them, as well as delete them.

    The coffee image would be under "BlogSite Options->BlogPage Options". You can select whether a slideshow or single image plays there and then use that same section to upload a new pic for the single image or a series of pics for the slideshow.

    If you are still seeing anything on the actual site after it should have changed, try clearing your site's cache. You will need to exit "Easy Mode" if you are in easy mode and look to the upper right corner for the "Clear Cache" button.

    If none of that helps, submit a support ticket and we can take a look.

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    I am experience the same problem, tried all the steps described above several times and made sure that the pics size is exactly 1000x280, but I still get the same coffe cup showing regardless of choosing single image or slideshow...



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    Fixed it! For some reason, changing the name files of the images and loading them again did the trick...

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