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    Marty Thornley

    Hi There,

    Sorry for the confusion... GoDaddy is fine as a domain registar. Their control panel for hosting accounts is really difficult to work with and some people have issues with them for personal reasons. So I never recommend them as a host but to just register a domain and point it somewhere, they are fine and work with our sites as well as any other.

    No real technical reason why you can't though... :)

    Btw - I couldn't find the article where we said that? Do you have a link to where you saw that? I'll see if it should be reworded at all.

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    Oh okay, good to know. Towards the bottom of this page, under the where to buy domains:

    Also more strongly on the bottom of this page:

    (FYI on that second one, the links to google GoDaddy problems don't seem to really return anything about actual problems)

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    Marty Thornley

    Thanks Nick,

    Yeah those were written a while back and I still think GoDaddy is terrible as a hosting account but actually have no problem with them if you're just buying domains. I reworded all those comments to reflect that now.


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    Liz Besanson

    I am new and use GoDaddy for my other sites however I"ve put in a ticket this morning due to my page pointing to my sign in page instead of my actual website. I just got off the phone with them and they said its on photographyblogsites end...I haven't received any help as of yet and waiting on someone to help me figure this out. When I type my website address it goes straight to the sign in page which means that its pointing locally (internally). So the problem is with photographyblogsites not GoDaddy....

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    Marty Thornley
    Hi Liz,

    During the trial period sites are only available to site owners when they are logged in. If you are getting the signin page at your domain then it is working correctly. You just need to start a subscription to make the site public.

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