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  • Marty Thornley

    Hi eltaller,

    At first glance, this sounds a little too customized to work with our sync at this time. We send one overall look to SmugMug and all galleries will look like that. I'm not sure if SmugMug offers custom design for each gallery one at a time. I have only seen their site-wide customization settings.

    CSS can be tricky and depending on how you add it, our CSS may be taking precedence over the CSS you had used before.

    The links at the top are added because SmugMug has no built in link back to your BlogSite and when we hide the SmugMug header and logo at the top of the page, it also hides the link back to the main page of the SmugMug account. So there are some gaps in the navigation without those, making it hard for visitors to get back to your main BlogSite.

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  • Taller de Historias Fotografia y Video

    Thanks Marty,

    Yes I think your CSS is taking precedence, but as it being a general look I though it could be customized the same way as I normally do, wich is customizing the banner image for each category, I think it could be done even for separate galleries, but I use it with Categories, for example:

    .category_Auronix #my_banner {background: url( no-repeat;background-position: center;}

    Now, with what you say, I see that the Smugmug header is hidded so, I need to use something different

    Do you think I could do the same with the divs you create for the logo, I think it would be #logo-wrapper?


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  • Taller de Historias Fotografia y Video

    Hi again,

    Just in case it helps someone, I manage to do it, and change the header for a special category or subcategory, using the following css:

    .category_Auronix #header-wordpress {
    background: url( no-repeat;
    background-position: center;

    .category_Auronix .logo {visibility: hidden;}

    It keeps the style and the background but changes a banner

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