• David Schwartz

    Is there some way to make the gallery show Captions, Titles and Keywords for the images?  This is really important for me to be a able to do this.   Many of my images require titles. I'd like to be able to do this with the embedded gallery.  Or even better yet insert a smugmug gallery with it's information about the images and still maintain the menu bar for PBS.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!






  • Marty Thornley

    We have this as a feature request and will definitely look into it sometime soon. There are a few ideas for building out the galleries a little in the next month or so and this will be included. Making the SmugMug galleries work with it might be a step after that but as long as we get our galleries working with a caption/descritpion/info it should be able to grab that from SmugMug and make it work the same.

  • Eli Dagostino

    Can the text be re-positioned to the top left or right of the overlay galleries instead of the bottom left. What would the code for that look like. Tried the below (which was wrong...PLEASE HELP!): 

    h2.thumb-title a { margin-bottom: 100px; color: #000000 }

  • Marty Thornley

    Hey Eli,

    If you can get me a direct link to the gallery in question I can give it a shot. It may not be possible to completely rearrange because of the way the HTML is structured. But I will see what is possible. :)

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