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Create a Password Protected Page



  • annebannanie123


    If I have a "parent' page with several sub pages under that and I want the whole thing to be password protected, can I do that? I assumed if I passworded the parent page, that nobody could get into the others, but since the sub pages drop down, they are still openable. (not sure that is even a word...) I would rather not have to make them enter a password to view all of the pages under that main page.... is it possible to set it up that way?

    Thanks.... annie

  • Marty Thornley

    That would be a nice idea. Unfortunately no, that is not possible. Each page has its own password.

    But I was able to find a plugin that has that ability. If you like submit a support ticket just for that and I can look at testing it and adding it. It might be a nice addition to our sites for setting up a client area.


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