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  • Marty Thornley

    Looking at your site now, all the pages look like "" which means you have a masked domain setup?

    This is not a good way to do things as it hides all your urls from the search engines. When done properly, "" will not have the "www" in it. We provide a 301 redirect that sends both www and non-www version of the domain to the non-www (which is how it should work - you don't want both).

    Have you changed something since writing this? I am not seeing the loop you describe....

    For example:

    Still works when you just type in the address.

    Check out our detailed instructions here for the full process in pointing your domain:

    But answer the actual question... the domain name and the name do not have to have anything to do with eachother. You can point any domain to any subdomain.

  • nintz

    I did go ahead and just URL Frame them to get them to work for now. I needed to be able to get to the site. Once I turn it back to the way I have my other sites and as suggested it doesn't work. I will move it back, so give it a few minutes and try again. 

  • nintz

    Ok.. now the site is set with custom domain name of

    The host records are @  - URL Redirect 

                                      www   a (address) 

    This is the same setup as a few of my other sites also that are working. 

  • Marty Thornley

    Okay. I am seeing the change now and see that "" results in a "400 bad request" page? Is that what you are seeing? It sounds like you might need to contact your registrar for help with trouble shooting this. You can use this site "" to help list all your DNS setttings but I do not see anything that jumps out as being wrong. 

    But each registrar can work slightly different, so it is best to get their assistance to make sure it is done correctly.

    The first sign that it is working correctly is that when you type your domain, you end up at our main site. If you can get to that step, we can help on this end. Right now, the domain is still not pointing to us for some reason.

  • nintz

    Ok, Thanks for the information. I have removed the custom name on the blogsites end for now until I can see the main page. At least that way I can see both ends while I am working on it. 

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