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Importing Content from another WordPress Site



  • civphotography
    Is there a way to find out the size of the file before you take on the task?
  • Marty Thornley

    When you do the export process, it will download to your local computer. From there you can see the file size.

  • ireneabdouphotography

    I exported blog posts from my old Wordpress blog site and imported them into my photographyblogsites site.  When I look at the blog posts in photographyblogsites, on many or all of the posts, it asks me if I also want to "import external images."  What does that mean, and should I say yes?  Even without doing that, all the images seem to be viewable on the blog, but once I get rid of the old blog, then will those images disappear if I don't say yes to "import external images"?

  • Marty Thornley

    We import the content separately from the images. Definitely do the import images option.

    Look under "Media->Import Images" and you can do the entire site at once. It can take a while to process all the images. Just follow the instructions and you can keep reloading that page when it is done to make sure you get them all.

    If you need help or want us to check for you, open a support ticket and we can take a look.


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