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  • Diane L McCracken

    time saver

  • Ken Boddy

    The reason I, and I am sure many others, came to photographersblogsite was because of the very nature of the integrated way the sites work.  Having these lilitations, as they currently are implimented, is counter to the business of providing High Res images. So, at the moment we are expected to maintain two set of images where they are to be used in both SmugMug and here.  If you switch on the sales option the purchaser buys a low resolution image as that is where they will, I suspect, be redirect to.  This is not really good enough as it will reflect very badly on the photographer selling his work.

    If there is any resizing to be done it should be transparent to the user and take place at the point of contact.

    You are obliged to expalin this significant under performance to potential purchaser before they commit, as I suspect you are not providing the service you claim.

  • Marty Thornley

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for bringing this up in case others are having the same misunderstandings.

    These notes are for our websites and are just general rules that apply to all websites, even the public part of SmugMug. While SmugMug allows storage and purchase of high-res images, the web only works at 72dpi, so anything you actually see publicly on a website is scaled down and 72dpi.

    The links on our site's integration with SmugMug, simply take the purchase urls from SmugMug's API and sends a user straight to SmugMug, where all the magic of image choosing, purchasing, resolution choices, etc. happen. Our sites have absolutely nothing to do with how that whole process works.

    While we have developed a deep integration between our sites and SmugMug, they are still two very different services and companies. Any instructions you will find here are specific to Photography BlogSites and the parts of the sites where you upload an image into a page or add an image to a blog post. Any images you add through SmugMug should follow their documentation.

    For images that we access and allow you to add to your BlogSite through the integration, SmugMug automatically makes multiple image sizes available through their API and we display the ones appropriate for the particular place in the site. So you should not have to keep multiple versions of images anywhere. If they were added by SmugMug, that is all taken care of.

  • Ken Boddy

    Hi Marty

    Thanks for the info. I appreciate I am on a learning curve and sometime get lost. This is one of those times.  Having tried everything more than once it becomes difficult to know what did and didn't work.

    I think an additional proble I am suffering from is the Preview buttom not working, I get

    You do not have permission to preview drafts

    appear. I have looked but cannot find any info on this.


  • Marty Thornley

    Can you submit a support ticket for the preview issue? We may need to ask your login info so we can see what is happening with your specific username.

  • Vickie Horvath

    New and setting up my home page and read the size requirements and my photo still does not want to work.  I resized to 467 X 700 and when I preview the photo is square and not portioned...what am I doing wrong?

  • Marty Thornley

    Hi Vickie, 

    Can you submit a suppor ticket for this so we can get some specific examples and links from you. I'm not seeing anywhere on the sites that need a 467 X 700 image, but I am sure we can help you out with a couple examples of what you are trying to do.

  • Vickie Horvath

    On the instructions above it says - height: can be any height but all MUST be the same height and we recommend staying between 500-700px high.

  • Marty Thornley

    The height can be basically any height you want. But the width for the home page slideshows is always 1000px. You mentioned having something 467px wide?

  • Vickie Horvath

    I finally got this figured out thanks for your response

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