Do have an image gallery that plays like a slideshow?




  • Suzanne

    Any chance of adding a gallery that plays like a slideshow without going fullscreen? I know that SmugMug offers it and it is definitely going to be something that I'll have a hard time going without when I switch over to you guys. Clicking a bunch to scroll through photos is a pain in the tush. :-)

  • Marty Thornley

    Yes, but not immediately... We have some plans for this in the coming months. If you have any specific examples or ideas, check out our Feature Suggestion area and add some thoughts. Get them in there now and you can help guide the development. :)

  • Amy

    I was wondering the same thing.   Do we have to use the Latte theme in order to have this option?  If not, where do we make this selection?  Thanks!

  • Marty Thornley

    The fullscreen works in any theme the same exact way. :)

    You can either type in the code manually...




    or choose it as an option when you insert the gallery...



  • lisaashcroft

    Hi, I'm new here and am just wondering if this feature has been added since this post? Would be a great feature to have. Thanks.

  • Marty Thornley

    Hi Lisa,

    For now the fullscreen mode plays automatically like a slideshow but we don't have a fully functioning "slidshow" per se. As I mentioned a while back, we have had some plans for one but it has not been a huge priority or asked for feature. We are still looking at it but I couldn't give a timeline on it at this point.

  • Sarah Perry

    Hi Marty!

    I am really looking for galleries that have an overlay style and play a slideshow, but understand you don't have that right now. Since you don't have that available (yet--hope it's coming soon!!), can you help me with fixing the fullscreen version?  Most of my photos are cut off in this version, which greatly diminishes the effect of my pictures.

    I really hope your answer isn't to resize all my photos, since that's a rather tedious task.....

  • Jennifer Stephens

    Hey Marty,

    I know you said that there were plans for a non-full screen slideshow in the coming months back in January 2012. Just wondering if that plan had been scrapped or if there was now a way to do this? I'm in the same boat. I prefer the look of the overlay portfolio, but would really like it to auto-advance. Thanks!

  • Marty Thornley

    Hi Jennifer,

    No, that ended up on the back burner. We still have plans and a halfway started version but nothing concrete and no timeline that I could mention at this time.

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