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Creating and using contact forms

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posted this on July 20, 2011, 3:10 PM

We use the plugin called “Contact Form 7″ to create and edit the contact forms used in every site.

To edit the contact form:

  1. Look under ‘Contact’.
  2. If you are going there for the first time, you may see a link asking you to refresh the page. Click that to finish installing the plugin.
  3. You might see a list of forms, or you can create a new one.
  4. Under ‘Edit’, click the pencil icon to get the screen where you edit the form itself.

We have added the shortcode to every new site. But if you create a new form, you will have to copy the code in the brown area and paste into a page or post, wherever you want the contact form to appear.

Because this is not our own plugin, we can only offer limited support. You can follow the instructions by the plugin authors (below).