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Is there a way to change the default theme color?

BlogSite Support
posted this on July 15, 2011, 12:37 PM

We have several color options for each site under "BlogSite Options->Style Options->Color Options", making it easy to choose a few colors for each theme. Cappuccino is the only theme that has an option for the main text color though.

But you can change any font color you want using the Custom CSS area. Look under "BlogSite Options->Style Options->Custom CSS" and try adding this:
body { color: #333333; }

You can change the 333333 to any hex color, which you can find with a color picker in Photoshop or use the color pickers in the site under the color options area.

To find specific font colors, you may need a tool like Firebug, an add-on for Firefox, or use Safari's developer tools. These are both a little complex to describe here but if you do some searches there are some great articles about using firebug.